High Pressure Firefighting Systems

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EJ Metals is the leading developer and manufacture of highly effective, high-pressure firefighting systems in the U.S. In fact, they’re pioneering the technology. We were the first to develop a hydraulically driven high-pressure fire fighting system that doesn’t require a gas-engine for power, and also provides a hydraulic tool circuit so you can power cutting tools or a chain saw. And, we are the only one to offer the patented Triplex™ triple-discharge nozzle specifically designed for high-pressure firefighting.

High-pressure firefighting technology has been around for decades. In the late 1990s, scientists at Tyndal Air Force Base, Fla., advanced development of this technology to help build smaller, leaner fire trucks. 

Today, EJ Metals' high-pressure firefighting technology offers a number of performance advantages:

Applications:  wildland / brush fires, first attack, interior fires, vehicles fires, laying break lines, liquid fires, structural fire

EJM High Pressure Systems (Skid Unit), Gas or Diesel Powered

Engines Available:

  • 9.4 hp Kubota® diesel engine with 1.45-gallon fuel cell
  • 18 hp Honda gas engine with 5-gallon fuel cell.
  • All feature electric start;



High Pressure Flat bed skid unit / HIGH PRESSURE FOAM SYSTEM